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Be strong (in the Lord)!


Bloom where you are planted!

Pray hard!

A favorable relationship with God

Seek strength from God

How are you doing?

What’s your boast?

“The LORD was with him (her)!”

Fully and completely forgiven!

God has come to help his people!

Our God is an awesome God!

Real peace

Who will be in heaven?

The greatest gift you can give someone

Look at what God continues to do in your life!

Kindness like the LORD’s Kindness

Our God is an awesome God!

Seeing God’s power at work

Ongoing blessings from our risen Savior

Easter confidence

Easter Sunday – Victory!

Day 40 of Lent: Joy

Day 39 of Lent: Grief

It Is Finished!

Day 38 of Lent: Worship

Remember Jesus…For you

Day 37 of Lent: Sacrifice

Day 36 of Lent: Determination

Day 35 of Lent: Worship

Focus on Jesus

Day 34 of Lent: Gifts and abilities

Day 33 of Lent: Compliments

Day 32 of Lent: Purpose

Day 31 of Lent: Generosity

Day 30 of Lent: Prayer

Day 29 of Lent: Compassion

God’s prized possession for his purpose

Day 28 of Lent: Accountability

Day 27 of Lent: Who’s first?

Day 26 of Lent: Let It Go

Day 25 of Lent: Being adventurous

Day 24 of Lent: Grace

Day 23 of Lent: Purpose

Love Without Limits

Day 22 of Lent: Vision

Day 21 of Lent: Fitness

Day 20 of Lent: Failure

Day 19 of Lent: Comfort Zone

Day 18 of Lent: Discernment

Appreciate God’s forgiveness!

Day 17 of Lent: Learning

Day 16 of Lent: Humility

Day 15 of Lent: Simplicity

Day 14 of Lent: Focus

Day 13 of Lent: Discipline

Day 12 of Lent: Persistence

The best citizenship of all

Day 11 of Lent: Courage

Day 10 of Lent: Silence

Day 9 of Lent: Listening

Day 8 of Lent: Patience

Day 7 of Lent: Worn out.  Exhausted. Frustrated.

Day 6 of Lent: What can you use as an antidote to worry, anger, and misery?

Day 5 of Lent: What is your greatest possession?

What do you need to survive?

Day 4 of Lent: What are your hopes and dreams?

Day 3 of Lent: Faith – In what or whom do you trust?

Day 2 of Lent: All you need is love

Why Lent?

“Why?” unveiled

Love who?

Whom do you trust?

Jesus calls you to go fishing

It’s all about grace!

Understand what your most important job is!

Speaking positively

The blessings of Baptism

Praise to God from unbelievers

Resolving to be closer to God for his blessings

The true joy of Christmas

Receive God’s Christmas gifts

Who’s praying for you? (And what are they praying for?)

What are you preparing for?

Jesus is King, no matter how things look!

Complete Thanksgiving

The best part of heaven  - share it!

Confidence in the Judgment

Clay in God’s hands

Not self-seeking

Godly ambition

Avoid the danger zone for your faith

God’s family

Godly humility

Let go and let God

This is what a Christian looks like

No fear

Don’t be a spiritual benchwarmer!

It’s not about your rights

Eternal food for the soul

Christian payback

An eternal goal

Understand why God blesses you

Jesus truly cares for you

Blessed to offer true praise

The blessing of our weaknesses

Appreciate God’s faithful love!

Shelter from the storms

Longing for heaven

“Blind faith?"

Find your rest in Jesus

The blessings of a thrice-holy God

Understand life through the Spirit

A comforting picture of protection

A hand of reassurance

Actions speak louder than words

Thank you, O my Father!

Jesus, Jesus, only Jesus

Our personal guarantee from Christ’s resurrection

Easter triumph!  Easter joy!

Our Joyful Security this Easter 

One job – and he did it perfectly

Remember Your Salvation with Jesus’ Special Supper

Your king comes in love

The real deal

Meet the Team

Helping within the community

Doing good while enjoying chocolate

Meet the Team

A gift to benefit St. Michael’s

Painting to support St. Michael’s

Love as only God can show it

What does the cross mean?

A deal with the devil?

The power of painting 

Making Krumkake together

Kingsway inspires nursing career

Know the blessings of repentance

He paid for our sin

No one but Jesus

Have you done all you can?

Fix your eyes on Jesus!

Meet the Team: Having fun while working!

Resident Activities at Cedar Haven!

Volunteering provides chance to meet new people

Recognizing military members

Showing support: Cedar Haven team members surprise fellow coworker

Take the world, but give me Jesus!

Speak, O Lord!

Revealing the mystery

Continue to look to God in 2018!

Meet the Team: Tim Tillman

St. Michael’s supports the community 

Master of all: Ken Passow volunteers in countless ways

Meet the Team: Don’t forget to smile!

Celebrating Christmas at Wellhaven

God’s Christmas Gifts to us

Kingsway resident featured on annual Christmas card

Let the Son shine in your life!

Make sure you are properly prepared!

Admissions Coordinator enjoys hearing residents stories

A Matter of Balance: Class focused on fall prevention at Kingsway

Hope DSP enjoys variety her role includes

Special  Olympics: Hope residents hit the lanes during bowling tournament

Annual Hope fall dance delivers fun for all

Hope residents benefit from art projects

Are you keeping watch?

Kingsway raises funds for Belle Plaine Food Shelf

Yes, he is in control!

Joyously anticipating heaven

Find your freedom in Christ!

Who is going to be in heaven and why?

A sincere commitment to eternity

Fall day at Blue Sky Farms

A clean slate

God and his Word never fail

Annual trip to the apple orchard!

God’s answer to “Why?”

KingsPath grand opening!

St. Michael’s celebrates National Assisted Living Center Week

Understand how much  we need God’s grace

Fishing on Madsion Lake

JCM Bible class focuses on Joseph

True spiritual priority

Heritage Homes celebrates National Assisted Living Week

S'mores social!

Wellhaven tenants resume School Volunteer Project

Our God is an awesome God!

Helping after Hurricane Harvey

Resident shows off her beauty skills

Who will be in heaven?

State Fair fun!

The reason for trials and troubles

Fair day at Heritage Homes

Residents watch solar eclipse


Playgroup visits Heritage Homes

Bingo night!

St. Michael's residents spend day fishing

Your will be done

“I Think You Could Be Good At It” Bill Truebenbach shares his JCM beginnings

Annual “Battle of the Tongs”  cook off 

Sincere love

“Stepping forward for Dementia” walk raises awareness

Don’t  be afraid to share your faith!

Strength for our struggles

Meet our Team: Faith, creating bonds

Cedar Haven forms new partnership with Friesen’s Family Bakery

Residents tend to garden

Bible stories with Kingsway residents

Renovations begin at Wellhaven

PHOTO: BBQ Day parade

PHOTO: Homemade ice cream!

PHOTO: “Mommy Time” group visits Heritage Homes

PHOTO: Hope residents take part in Special Olympics competition

The power of kindness and compassion

Meet our Team: Cory, navigating the journey

Building the ultimate trust

Trusting in God's plan

Finding peace through forgiveness

Fruits of faith

Understanding the blessings of the Trinity

Assurance of salvation

John, "handy man" at Heritage

Living with an eternal perspective

We are all our brothers' keepers

Putting faith into action

Jesus the good shepherd

Unwavering faith

Stop doubting and believe

Easter joy that lasts forever

Your king is coming to you

Our inheritance in Christ

Called to serve

Let us walk in the light of God

Discharge planning: Social workers smooth transitions

Free yourself from judgement

All we need is faith

Improved dining is within reach for those with dementia

Family-owned businesses pose unique challenges

Glimpses of God's greatness

Seeing God's reflection in others

Transitioning a family business to the next generation

Being more than just "good enough"

Let your light shine

Meet our Team: Lori, 30 years of patience and learning

God's unlikely heroes

Resetting your life compass

The necessity of baptism and assurance of salvation

Visiting a person with short-term memory loss

Epiphany and the beautiful diversity of God's salvation

Chaplains ease hearts reflecting on regrets

From Slaves to Sons

The light of Christmas: Let light shine out of darkness

The Miracle of Christmas

Even happy holidays aren't always happy

Meet our Team: Marcy, embodying excellence in her role

Removing the biggest obstacle we face at Christmas

Dozing off in your spiritual life? Wake up!

Year-end finances simplified: Tax-smart IRA gifts

Gifts wrapped, tree decorated — still not ready for Christmas

Giving thanks to the Lord every day, every moment of our lives

What happens next? When you suspect dementia

Meet our Team: Becky, taking care of the little touches

Realizing it is our own lives that need to be cleaned up

Far from perfect

Live in the freedom of Jesus; "He did it all for me!"

Put God first, and the rest will follow

Simple ways to celebrate your pastor

Understanding "life just isn't fair," leaning on God

Meet our Team: Jennifer, instrumental in our caring culture

Be sure to fear the LORD and serve him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things he has done for you

But godliness with contentment is great gain

Need more volunteers? Implement divestiture

Meet our Team: Becki, full of encouragement

Anyone you forgive, I also forgive

What is the cost?

Top 10 ways to reduce caregiver stress

“Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters.”

Long Term Care Planning

Meet our Team: Scott, calm and great at problem solving

Long-Term Care Industry in need of immediate assistance

Caregiving with home health technologies

Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed

Travel guidelines for those with dementia

What does it mean to be a Christian leader?

Be devoted to one another in love

Meet our Team: Morgin, passionate and compassionate

Get more out of what you give with a Giving Circle

Transitioning a loved one to assisted living

What does it mean to be a certified nursing assistant?

Transforming alphabet soup into the ABCs of senior living

Good ears and big shoulders: How to help in times of grief

Meet our Team: Phil, knowledgeable and friendly

Connecting special needs parents at your church

Behind the scenes of skilled nursing care with a medical director

Five of the best things about serving older adults as a nurse

Meet our Team: Laura, motivated and organized

Setting an eternal goal: A place reserved for you in heaven

Expert advice for happier, healthier feet

Ideas for supporting individuals with autism

Talk about health care wishes while you are still healthy

Volunteering after 50: The Invisible Force is YOU

Meet our Team: Bill, a fount of knowledge for JCM

Meaningful Easter joy is found in Jesus

Dispelling myths about Down syndrome

Social workers forge solutions out of challenges in senior living

Meet our Team: Connie, passionate and reliable

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists: Good food fuels seniors

Four simple words offer us reassurance in times of distress

Modest income? Still important to examine financial plans

Therapeutic recreation makes wellness way more fun

Simple ideas for celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week

Myths about estate planning for a loved one with dementia PT. II

Meet our Team: Fantastic family members Heather, Alex, Nancy

Myths about estate planning for a loved one with dementia PT. I

Jesus Cares Ministries brings God’s Word to a wider community

Physician-assisted suicide is not the answer to life's suffering

When you give, you get mental and physical health benefits

Not a New Year's resolution, but a New Year's prediction

2016: There will be happiness and there will be sadness

Birds lead a man to understand the meaning of Christ's birth

Meet our Team: Diane, truly caring and compassionate

What to do when Christmas is less white and more blue

Taking something away makes the best Christmas gift

Tips to prevent falls and make your home safer for the holidays

Straighten the paths in your life that lead to Christmas

God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches

Discouraged? Lift your eyes and your thoughts toward heaven

Give thanks in all circumstances

Let's all get involved: Developing an inclusive worship mentality

Meet our Team: Pamela, peer role model and generous hostess

No matter the sins committed, heaven is ours — guaranteed

This Christmas season “Just Give Me Jesus”

Caregiver support strategies address stress

There's no way to pay for sins; fortunately, we don't need to

God calls us to put Him first, even before our families

Work is “One Part of Who I Am” for those with disabilities

Meet our Team: Erica, colorful and compassionate

Three kinds of gifts you can use to make a difference

God's Word tells us how to love each other as brothers

Down Syndrome Awareness Month: Planning for the future

Accept God's invitation, though it seems undeserved

Meet our Team: Peter, always smiling despite life's obstacles

Meet our Team: Wayne, dedicated and willing to dive right in