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Day 28 of Lent: Accountability

Posted on Mon, Apr 08, 2019

bible-1867195_1920If you mention the idea of accountability, you will likely make some people nervous or a little uncomfortable.  They might wonder how they will measure up and if people will be satisfied with what they’ve done.  Accountability is a good thing because it makes us work to do and be our best.  It might even cause us to look at how we might improve or do some things better. 

But accountability is not just something for measuring and improving our performance or skills on the job or in some other area of life. One day we all will be held to account. That is what our verse for today speaks about “So then, each of us will give an account of ourselves to God.” (Romans 14:12).

Whether you are comfortable with accountability or not, you’d better get used to it, because one day each of us will have to stand before someone much more intimidating than our boss or some board.  One day every single person who has ever lived will have to stand before God.  The very thought of that might bring us to our knees or strike fear in our heart.

But there is one big difference between any accountability we will have here on earth and our accountability one day before God.  Our accountability here on earth is all based on our skills or performance.  If we want to settle our accountability before God on our own works or deeds, we are in big trouble. 

What a blessing that one day when we have to give an account of ourselves before God we can lean on the perfect work of our Savior and let that count for our accountability.  That is one of the most reassuring aspects of our Christian faith.  We all know where and how we fall short before God.  That is exactly the reason Jesus came as our Savior – to be our perfect substitute.

Use accountability here on earth to hold yourself to a higher standard and do your best!  When you have to stand and give your account before God, be thankful that you don’t have to stand on your own.  Celebrate the peace you have because Jesus gives you a perfect account!

Posted by Joel Gaertner

Rev. Joel Gaertner is The Lutheran Home Association Vice President of Ministry and National Director of Jesus Cares Ministries (JCM). He provides spiritual guidance to our entire organization and develops and guides JCM programs in congregations. Pastor Gaertner and his wife, LuAnn, live in Cudahy, Wis., and have two adult children. Outside work, he enjoys golf, walking and watching just about any sporting event, especially the Green Bay Packers.

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