Ask Jackie: Unexpected Blessings

A Mother's Perspective

A video of hope...

There is light...

A Moment to behold...

What will happen when I'm gone?

Blind eyes that see

Be Grateful...

Finding your value…

The bond between brothers…

Everybody wants to be loved.

A Moment in Walmart


Jesus Cares? Jesus Cares?

Inspirational Moment…A girl’s dream, a talent show, and two boys that helped her let her light shine.

A Message from Dillon.

A very sweet moment with my Colin.

I survived my first “Sit and Knit!”

I love you Mom

The Caregiver’s eyes…

Today is Autism Awareness Day…

I’m Twelve!!

Yesterday’s unexpected blessings…

Thanking God this morning…

Inspirational Moment on the Court.

You are never alone!

Elevator Ride!

Making music with Slinkies.

Angels among us

The “Bubble” and what it means to me.

A brother’s love has no limits

What is God’s plan for you in 2013?

My thought for you this week.

Dear Dillon

Dear Dillon

What advice does Jesus give to parents and to those who care for children with special needs.

Dear Dillon

God's Fingerprints

Siblings of children with special needs

An Inspirational Moment

Daddy Look! A worm! I got a worm!

How can you be happy all the time?

Dear Dillon

Valentina…….You are absolutely adorable

Dear Dillon and Michael

10 Helpful reminders

End the R-Word

Why me?

Dear Dillon

Dear Dillon

A Mother’s Love

My Sisters in Christ – Another Blessing

A Special Sunday

April New Friends event


A Mother’s Perspective

A Fine 4th Full of Fun

On the road again . . .

Ready to move on…

Expanding the experience in SME…

The first big events…perspective from a team member.

Still in the planning stage…