Ask Jackie: Unexpected Blessings

My thought for you this week.

Posted on Mon, Dec 03, 2012

This week I want you to be the leader that you are…but to lead with a servant’s heart!

To do this, I challenge you to put yourself “in someone else’s shoes;” be empathetic to others, as you have no idea what they are going through or struggling with on a daily basis!

Be patient…especially to those with special needs. The holidays can be very overwhelming to certain people, for many different reasons; hectic schedules, a lack of routine, not enough sleep, and unexpected visitors at school and/or at home can also wear us down. All these “things” that are meant to be fun, can actually be stressors, at times, if we lose our focus.

Do NOT forget to take care of yourself; remember to take a break from your busy schedule, and notice the beauty of the Season all around you!

Have a GREAT week my dear friends!

Tags: fellowship, inspiration