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An Inspirational Moment

Posted on Fri, Sep 21, 2012

inspirational momentWhat’s an inspirational moment? To me, it’s having an idea that was planted by the Holy Spirit. It could be something simple or grand but it’s an idea to be acted upon and shared with someone else.  Sharing an act of kindness so they can feel and see God’s love too. And when you find yourself taking that leap of faith to make a difference in someone’s life — an inspirational moment occurs!

David, a senior at Manitowoc Lutheran High School, came to me at one of our New Friend’s events with a thought or a rather a question. He asked me if my nephew, Michael who also has Fragile X Syndrome like my son Dillon, would like to wear one of his football jerseys. I was so touched by his sincere request that I knew somehow we had to make this very special for Michael and his family.

So, last Friday my family and my sister’s family attended the homecoming football game at Lutheran High. Michael was so excited and very nervous to meet his friend that is a “real” football player. After David was done with his warm-ups on the field, he met Michael and his family to give Michael his jersey to wear during the game. Michael not only wore his jersey during the game, but he also wore it on Saturday, Sunday and Monday to school. He was so proud to wear a “real” jersey.

This genuine act of kindness meant a lot to my sister’s family as well as mine. It’s moments like this that gets us through the tough times and it gives us so much hope that there are people out there that genuinely care about our boys.

I hope that sharing moments like this will inspire you to listen to what God wants you to hear, see what He wants you to see, and then activate your faith by making a difference in someone’s life.

Below is clip of David giving his jersey to Michael – it’s such a touching moment!



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