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Dear Dillon

Posted on Thu, Aug 09, 2012

Dear Dillon,

familyI want to share with you something that has been weighing heavy on my heart for several weeks. You and I attended a Worship at the Cross service last month and we had such a great time together. I love that you enjoy going to these special services. In front of church there was an elderly man in a wheelchair sitting next to his caregiver. During the service he laid his head down in his hands and started to cry. His caregiver showed such compassion in trying to comfort him, but she ended up taking him out of church. When I approached them, wondering if I could help in anyway, she told me that when Pastor said, “Our Father in Heaven” he started to think of his dad that passed away. He was grieving over the loss of his father and that hit me hard. He was so sad….my heart just broke for him…and it made me think of you and the future. And honestly, I was overcome with grief, fear and sadness and I haven’t been able to pull myself up from it for months.

My sweet Dillon…. I know that you will be very sad when the time comes that your daddy and I will no longer be here on earth to care for you and that you will miss us every day. I know in my heart that your brothers will be there for you and they will take care of you along with all the people that you have touched along the way. Most importantly though, your daddy and I want you to know about Jesus and what He did for you and how much He cares and loves you. I want you to be able to have comfort and peace in knowing that you will see us again and that we will be waiting for you in Heaven with open arms…….

Love you so much,

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