Ask Jackie: Unexpected Blessings


Posted on Fri, Apr 06, 2012

What is going to happen to Dillon when Scott and I are gone? Who’s going to take care of him? Who’s going to touch him and love him? Who’s going to comfort him when he is sad or scared? Who’s going to make sure that there is a smile on his face every single day? Those questions can bring me down to an ultimate low real quick. My chest gets tight and the tears start to flow and I begin to feel very scared. I have prayed and prayed that God would continuously bring people into our lives that will love our son and will help our other two boys take care of him when we are gone. This past year God has given us Hope by connecting our paths with Jesus Cares Ministries and The Lutheran Home. Every single person that I have met that is involved with this ministry passionately cares for families like mine. They reach out to individuals like my son and they share with them God’s word. They glorify God by loving our kids. How cool is that! And the Lutheran Home Association has a place called, “Hope Residence” it’s a home to the adult Dillon’s out there that need someone to take care of them when their parents are no longer able to. I love visiting that place. It’s truly amazing! The staff cares for their souls and they base their level of care on how God expects them to be loved and cared for…..unconditionally. It gives me so much hope and peace knowing that there is a place like that available for our son in the future if he needs it. As we celebrate Easter I find so much Joy and Hope in knowing that whatever happens; God promises us that He will take care of us and that we will be with Him and all of our loved ones one day in our Heavenly home.

Tags: special needs, inspiration, Autism