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Ready to move on…

Posted on Mon, Jun 27, 2011

Summer Ministry Experience 2011Last week spent our time observing and participating in current Jesus Cares Ministries programs.  It’s been rather stormy and dark outside, but our experiences have been just the opposite.  The success stories that we heard and the programs that we visited were an inspiration to all of us as we start to bring Jesus Cares Ministries to new churches.  Today we begin our travels outside of the Midwest.

So far, every place that we’ve visited has been teaching us how to help people begin a Jesus Cares Ministries.  We were able to meet their students and see how a successful program runs.  Now it’s our turn to teach.  We will be showing the churches how our program works (the skits, service, and crafts) and help train volunteers who are interested in getting a new program started.  I think that we are all a little bit nervous to move from being the learners to the teachers.  It’s one thing to observe from a group of people who have been doing Jesus Cares for years, but it will be completely different being the first experience a church has with this ministry.

Since the beginning of our training we have seen what a significant difference this ministry can make in the lives of every individual involved.  These programs are well worth the effort, and we want to convey that importance as we travel.  Hopefully the success stories we’ve hear and our enthusiasm is an example of how much a Jesus Cares Program can accomplish.  We pray that God blesses our travels this summer and continues to make this ministry successful.

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