Ask Jackie: Unexpected Blessings

I love you Mom

Posted on Wed, May 08, 2013

Dear Mom,

You hung up the phone with the doctor today
Your eyes are different
They’re sad with worry
He talked about me
Mom, what did he say?

I want to look at you so badly
Like I was able to before
But now my mind won’t let me
Look at you anymore
I’m locked inside
Can you see me, Mom?
I’m here! It’s me!

So many people talking to you
Showing you a way
Saying there’s a small window
For my potential someday
But anything is possible, Mom
For I hold the key!

It’s hidden within my soul
It’s a light that you can see
I’ll use it to show the world
What Jesus thinks about me
For He has a plan
And a purpose for me

He’ll teach you and others
How to love unconditionally
He never will leave us
He promises me

And I need you so much, Mom
To give me the doors
Some I will open
But some remain closed

Thank you for never giving up
Always believing in me
For being my voice
And loving me for me

Happy Mother’s day, Mom


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