Ask Jackie: Unexpected Blessings

A very sweet moment with my Colin.

Posted on Thu, May 30, 2013

Yesterday, I was in the kitchen slicing up rhubarb for a pie, while my nine-year old son Colin was playing on his brother’s iPod. He looked up at me and asked, “Mom, what do you think I will be good at when I’m an adult?” I said, “Well, I think you will be good at a lot of things.” He rolls his eyes and said, “Mom! I’m serious! What do you think? Name some things!” I giggled a little and said, “Well, I think you would be a wonderful teacher.” He must not have liked that idea because he responded, “Yeah, if the kids listen to what I teach, which they won’t.” I laughed and said, “Well, I think you would be a wonderful doctor.” He said, “A doctor! Gross! I’m not going to cut people open or stitch them up or be around sick people!” I laughed again and said, “Well, I think you would be a wonderful Pastor.” He said, “What? A pastor? I don’t want to wear a robe and talk in front of people!” Okay, at this point I’m now rolling my eyes. Meanwhile, he must have gotten to the next level on his game as he jumped up and down shouting, “Yes! Yes!”

He sat back down and continued to play and then said, “Well, you know what I kind of want to do? I want to work at one of those places; you know one of those places that you talk about where Dillon might live one day. One of those places where there are people that can’t take care of themselves? You know!” I almost cut my finger when he said that and I stopped and listened and I said, “Yes, I know. What will you do there?” He said, “Well, I can take care of them. Help them get dressed, walk, and eat. But, I am NOT helping Dillon he can do it himself.” And he laughs while I’m in tears. He then said, “I can play games with them so they can have fun and you know other stuff. I think I might do that.” My heart ached and I said, “Yeah, I think you would be really good at that.” He smiled and said, “I don’t know, I might just go fishing instead.” Haha.

Oh my sweet Colin, God has put in place circumstances and events in your life that have made you see things that already have you thinking. You are filled with compassion, empathy, and love already at such a young age and I have no doubt that God has very big plans for you.


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