Ask Jackie: Unexpected Blessings

The Caregiver’s eyes…

Posted on Mon, Apr 15, 2013

Our eyes meet and we know
It’s a reflection of our own
Stained shades of red
Dark circles remain
A river of tears waiting to flow
Full of love and pain
Uncanny strength
Survival mode at times
Abundance of unfailing love
The Caregiver’s eyes…

The eyes that speak ask
How do they do it?
Look deep and you will see
Who helps us through it
My Caregiver’s eyes…

He’s within me no doubt
Holding me close
Providing me with rest when needed the most
He understands me
He’s been there
He’s walked the journey
He loves and He weeps
Like you and me
He suffered and died
So we can see
Through our Caregiver’s eyes…

His eyes are upon us
Giving comfort beyond measure
Strength to love
Those he wants us to treasure
Look to the cross and you will see
Your Caregiver
His eyes of Hope
Leading to Eternity…


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