Ask Jackie: Unexpected Blessings

Making music with Slinkies.

Posted on Tue, Jan 29, 2013

One of Dillon’s passions is playing with his Slinky toys. He’s enjoyed them ever since he was 4 years old. As a matter of fact, his first real conversation was with a Slinky! It was hilarious, and also incredibly heartwarming.

About 5 years ago, Peyton was sitting at the top our basement stairs, playing with one of Dillon’s beloved Slinkies. He tipped it over the edge of the step, and down it went. As Dillon saw what was happening to his precious Slinky, he slid down to the bottom as fast as he could! When Dillon finally reached it, he said, “Oh no Slinky! Are you alright? Are you okay? Oh, Slinky!”

As Scott and I heard this, we looked at each other and felt so touched by his concern for his precious Slinky…his friend! We were so happy to hear him speak, even if it was just to his toy. It wasn’t until recently that we could see why Dillon loves them so much; he makes music with them! It is SO cool to watch. I can just envision Dillon and his Slinkies in a talent show someday. Of course, per Dillon, there will be “No Clapping Allowed!” Ha, ha!


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