Ask Jackie: Unexpected Blessings

Inspirational Moment…A girl’s dream, a talent show, and two boys that helped her let her light shine.

Posted on Fri, Jun 07, 2013

talent showLet me tell you a story about a young girl with a dream.

Lauren is a beautiful 14 year old living with Autism and she is one of those individuals, that when she walks into a room, it just lights up.

Lauren and her family attend the New Friend’s gatherings and they are all such a joy. At our last event, Lauren’s mother told me of her daughter’s dream of becoming a fashion designer/model. How wonderful! I wholeheartedly believe that her dream will come true one day; given her talent, creativity, spirit, and her supportive family.

She also shared with me that Lauren has an opportunity to show off her skill at her school’s talent show. Lauren would be modeling two of her favorite outfits and she thought it would be special if some of her new friends could be there to support her.

I was so unbelievably touched by her request. My son Peyton and his friend Tanner jumped at this opportunity to show her peers how truly amazing she is and how much they admire her as a person.

I praise God for always having bigger dreams than we do and for placing people in our lives that help us let our light shine.

Enjoy this video of Lauren’s fashion show, held this past Wednesday, that captures this precious moment.

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