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Why I like Hope Residence

Posted on Thu, Apr 01, 2010

22 Reasons Why I Enjoy Living at The Lutheran Home: Hope Residence

The Lutheran Home Association, Hope ResidenceThe Lutheran Home: Hope Residence is celebrating 30 years of providing a home to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Francis, who lives at Hope Residence, has written a list of why he enjoys his home.

  1. We have a Chaplain who preaches in our Chapel every Wednesday morning and every third Sunday.
  2. We have Bible Studies in our units and in the Hub. We play Bible Bingo on Monday evenings, hosted by our Chaplain.
  3. Nurses check on us if we feel sick or have an accident.
  4. The trained medication aides pass out the pills to us. Some help us take our own pills.
  5. We have real good aides on the floor who take care of us.
  6. We have wonderful unit managers if we need help with anything.
  7. Our money is kept safe.
  8. Some of us go to work during the week. A bus picks us up and brings us home.
  9. We do all sorts of crafts and games and baking in the Activity Room throughout the day.
  10. On special days the Activities Department has parties for us, i.e. Birthday, Holiday, Pizza Parties.
  11. We do some type of activity every night.
  12. We go on outings to various places frequently.
  13. For our Birthdays, we have a party in our unit with presents.
  14. We have a big Christmas party with presents.
  15. We eat our meals at 8:00 a.m., 12:00 Noon and 6:00 p.m. The food comes from the Kitchen and tastes real good.
  16. Our rooms have closets, dressers, a sink, a bathroom and comfortable beds. Staff do a great job.
  17. A cleaning person comes in and cleans our rooms every day.
  18. We send our clothes to the Laundry Room to be washed and dried. The clothes come back every day. If we choose, we can wash our own laundry in our laundry room.
  19. The maintenance men come in and fix things for us.
  20. Volunteers come in to help us play Bingo and decorate at Christmas time.
  21. There is a group from the outside called “Magnifying Abilities” that we get together with often for fun activities.
  22. Some of us cook and bake treats for ourselves and our friends with help from the staff.

The Lutheran Home Association is thankful to be able to provide a Christian home and services to Francis and others who live at Hope Residence. To learn more about this home, contact Administrator Debra Wilbright at (952) 873-2142 or dwilbright@tlha.org.

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