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Learning God’s Word and Loving It!

Posted on Wed, Sep 15, 2010

Do you give out high fives when you study the Bible? Becky has.

Becky attends the Jesus Cares Ministries (JCM) Bible class at St. Mark Lutheran Church near Green Bay, Wisconsin. She can read, but some words are difficult for her to understand. The first time she read a Bible story that is part of the Dear Christian Friend curriculum, she was so into the story, she gave her teacher a high five almost every minute!

One of the reasons the stories work so well for Becky is because the text of each story includes JCM Word Pictures. “I absolutely love the Dear Christian Friend curriculum, especially the word pictures,” shares her mom, Carolyn. She explains that because some words are harder for Becky to figure out, the word pictures make it easier for her to read the lesson.

A Bible class for people with disabilities had been part of St. Mark Lutheran Church’s ministry for over 35 years. They also use other resources to teach Bible studies: youth Bibles, videos and a flannel board, so students can engage with the story in a variety of ways.

Becky and Carolyn also enjoy attending “Worship at the Cross,” an adapted liturgical service, at St. Mark as well as at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church in Green Bay. Mike Hennig, Staff Minister for JCM, leads the service at St. Mark and has gotten to know them better because of this, “When I see Becky, she will come over and give me a hug because she knows me from the worship service. It’s wonderful to share in worshipping our Savior.”

Dear Christian Friend curriculum is available to purchase, including the new Old and New Testament lessons: Dear Christian Friend: Set 3—OT and Dear Christian Friend: Set 3—NT.

To learn more about St. Mark’s JCM Bible class and “Worship at the Cross” service, contact Pastor Parlow at (920) 336-2485. To learn more about Beautiful Savior’s “Worship at the Cross” service, contact Robert Fischer at (920) 499-7405.

We invite you to learn more about JCM Bible classes, “Worship at the Cross,” and our curriculum by contacting us at 1-888-600-TLHA (8542) or info@tlha.org.

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