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The Light’s On and the Teacher’s at Work

Posted on Thu, Oct 07, 2010

It’s that time of year again—you’ve dusted off your books, sent out invitations, and started sharing God’s Word through your Bible classes and worship services.

It is also a good time to think about how you teach or lead worship. Here, from our JCM team members, are some ideas for you to try in your Bible classes and “Worship at the Cross” services: 

  • Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. Find ways to repeat a key idea or Bible verse. For example, display a Bible verse several times throughout a worship service and ask the congregation to read it with you.  
  • Think about how you could incorporate playacting (maybe even costumes!), flannel graphs, drawings, props and more!  
  • Remember that actual objects or pictures of objects help students understand abstract concepts. JCM Word Pictures are one resource that can help with this.  
  • Find ways to include more people. Maybe an artist can help make pictures for you to use when teaching or ask retired teachers for suggestions, and you can build friends for this ministry.  
  • Be creative—it’s amazing what you can do with simple things. Shaking a chair or table, for example, could be an earthquake or find a big sheet of plastic, plywood or tin to make the sound of thunder.  
  • Ask students to interact with you and what you are doing—have them hold props, hand out flannel graphs before the story starts and have students hand to you as you share the story, or use a litany for a prayer. 
  • When you review the lesson, ask the students to teach it, take items off the flannel board as you ask questions to help cue answers, or use props to help remind them what happened.  
  • Check the teacher’s manual for teaching ideas and suggestions.  
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit works in your students’ hearts as they hear God’s Word.  

You are not alone in your ministry! Continue to talk with other JCM volunteers, teachers, and our JCM team members to share ideas and success stories. Take advantage of the opportunities to attend JCM workshops. We pray God blesses your efforts!

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