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It’s about time: one to grow and one to go

Posted on Wed, Jun 08, 2011

My friend Monet told me that at least one person did go to heaven on Saturday, May 21—the day predicted to be Judgment Day. That person was one of my old teachers, Kathy. Kathy was in her 90s, had severe physical problems caused by cerebral palsy, including speech difficulties and needing to use a wheelchair. She had to have her food puréed and help with all of her personal cares. Her intellect was very high, especially when it came to answering questions in her Jesus Cares Ministries (JCM) Bible class—if one took the time to figure out her palsied speech or to search for her communication board and listen through ones eyes as she pointed or spelled out her answers.

bibleYou’ve probably figured out by now that Kathy was my “life’s lessons” teacher rather than one working out of a classroom. I always enjoyed seeing Kathy because she loved to laugh and tease and was a living testimony to God’s care and grace. Her very presence was a tribute to endurance and fortitude. She always seemed to say, “I’m still hanging in there, how about you?” She kept me humble and thankful she called me friend.

On the same day that Kathy spoke clearly before our Lord, I drove to Union Grove, Wisconsin, to witness the confirmation of Shawna, a young lady who is turning out to be my last confirmation student. I began in 2008, driving weekly to Caledonia just outside of Milwaukee. After about a year I turned over her instruction to a wonderful teacher named Mary Braun. She continued the instruction for another two years, and now it was time. Time to celebrate before our Lord as she simply and beautifully declared the faith that the Holy Spirit had worked in her heart as she grew in knowledge and love for her Savior taught by her JCM teachers. Pastor Peters was beaming when he welcomed Shawna into Trinity’s congregation, her church home.  It could only be topped by God’s glory that must have beamed when He welcomed Kathy to her eternal home.

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