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Introducing the 2011 SME Participants

Posted on Thu, Jun 09, 2011

Summer Ministry Experience, Jesus Care MinistriesBelle Plaine, MN—This year’s Summer Ministry Experience (SME) students are excited to be part of the summer. Their first week is spent training in Belle Plaine, training and learning about special ministries, including working with Jesus Cares Ministries. The students shared their thoughts from this first week:

Angela Birner

There are obviously so many amazing emotions that come along with this experience. So many people expect us to be nervous—this isn’t to say I am not—but there’s so much more. It’s exciting to be able to travel and see these amazing places, but even still, there is more. We get to share God’s Word to some of the most amazing people, and I could not be more excited about that. Traveling is definitely a perk though!

Elizabeth Kock

Though we are still in training, I am filled with confidence and peace at this point. I certainly feel apprehensive as I would in any situation where there are still many unknowns, but my excitement far out passes any uncertainties. God is using this team as a tool to witness to some very special individuals this summer, and I feel truly blessed to be a part of it!

Alex Meyer

The drive up to Belle Plaine was a fun time. I am glad to be part of the Summer Ministry Experience. The first day was fun getting to know everyone. We have some awe-inspiring devotions so far and a lot of fun. 

I cannot wait to learn more. This is a great opportunity, blessing and responsibility that we get to be part of. I am looking forward to spreading God’s Word to as many people as possible as well as a busy and fulfilling summer.

Thalia Pollard

On our second day, I was much less anxious than I was the first day. We keep learning more and more about this program ourselves and each other. I can tell that this team is a group of people with whom I will love to work and spend my summer. 

Stephanie Punke

As we started our second day, I find I was nervous. Yes, I’ve been at Camp BASIC before and I have experience, but this is different. I don’t know quite what to expect and that is nerve-racking but exciting all at the same time. One thing I know is that I’m excited! Excited to go to Camp BASIC again with the SME team, excited to go through all the experiences ahead of us with them. This is going to be such a great experience! Yes, I am nervous, but I know it’s going to be great. I have everyone to help me through!

Noah Willitz

Growing up, my dad was a home missionary, so I know what it’s like for a new congregation to get off the ground. In a way, that’s a lot like what we will be doing this summer. I am really excited to be a part of these new Jesus Cares Ministries programs. I don’t know exactly what to expect yet, but I hope and pray that I’ll be ready for whatever comes along.

Anna Wright

Coming into this, I had no idea what to expect. Already I feel more comfortable and ready for our summer to start with an awesome group of people. I have a lot to learn this summer, and I’m excited to see what God has in store for me as an individual and the team. With a strong support system, and most importantly, God, it will be cool to see what we can do this summer.

This year’s participants attend Bethany Lutheran College, Martin Luther College and Wisconsin Lutheran College.

These seven students, and Ashley Schuller, serving as the SME photojournalist this summer, will travel to the Southern United States to work with churches interested in starting Jesus Cares Ministries programs, visit our locations, group homes and more. Follow along on their journey this summer through the SME blog and on Facebook.

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