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The Lutheran Home: Hope Residence Receives High Marks During State Inspection

Posted on Mon, Aug 22, 2011

Belle Plaine, MN—The Lutheran Home: Hope Residence, an Intermediate Care Residence for adults who have developmental disabilities, has received a deficiency-free survey during its annual state inspection. The survey team had high praise for the Hope Residence program and its staff.

The state’s inspection process, known as a survey, includes reviewing the regulations from the state government, Life Safety Code rules and meeting programmatic regulations in regards to promoting independence and allowing resident choices. Four surveyors were in the building at one time for four days and held interviews with staff members and individual residents as part of this process.

The detailed inspections also cover the many aspects of providing care. The survey team watches resident cares to make sure procedures such as proper transfers of residents, privacy practices, hand washing techniques and infection control practices are being followed. They monitor medication passes, ensure that proper medical treatments have been provided, that doctors’ orders are being followed, as well as the preparation and service of all meals, which include family-style dining. The survey team reviews residents’ charts, assessments, care plans, individual program plans, risk management assessments and program plans. They also take tours of the facility to look for environmental issues. 

The survey team noted the staff’s commitment to care, their unique relationships with the residents and the variety of activities offered within their day program at Hope Residence for all ages. They also were impressed that the residents include a 94-year-old, which indicates the quality of the medical care provided at Hope Residence. Often people with developmental disabilities have shorter life expectancies. 

Debra Wilbright, Administrator, states, “I am proud to work with this team. Everyone contributes to our success. Our residents are fun and energetic, making every day different, exciting and rewarding.” She adds that Hope Residence is the largest Intermediate Care Residence in Minnesota, which also makes this a great achievement. This residence is licensed to care for 52 adults, ages 18 and older.

This home is part of acontinuum of care campus, which includes The Lutheran Home: Belle Plaine, a Wellness and Rehabilitation Center, Kingsway Retirement Living, Faith Residence Apartments and Boessling Lutheran Village Apartments. In addition, a clinic with family medical services, part of the Mayo Clinic Health System, is located on the campus. The Lutheran Home Campus is a ministry of The Lutheran Home Association which is also located in Belle Plaine. For additional information about Hope Residence, contact Debra  at (952) 873-2142 or e-mail dwilbright@tlha.org.

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