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5 Useful Tips About Volunteering

Posted on Fri, Nov 04, 2011

Jim Esmeier, Administrator of Resources and Education, shares tips from our last webinar:

Bill Truebenbach, JCM Program Coordinator, shared how to recruit, retain and recognize volunteers in our October webinar. In it, I found at least five things I wish I knew about volunteers when I first starting working with Jesus Cares Ministries.

Here they are:

1. What age group has the highest percentage of volunteers?

The group from 35-45; which tells me to focus on this group. I most likely have a higher possibility of getting them to volunteer.

2. What is the present financial value of volunteers and their TRUE value?

According to the number crunchers, the financial value is 21.36 per hour. Time and money are partners in any stewardship program. We need to let people know if they are unable to give cash, their time is worth a lot also. In fact, the true value of a JCM volunteer is priceless. Why? Because they are sharing the Gospel.  

3. What is a major factor that keeps people from volunteering at JCM or anywhere for that matter?

FEAR! What if I hurt the participants, or even worse, if they hurt me? How can I get them to understand? What if they run away? and the questions go on. Fear is normal, but with training and experience, one finds how quickly fear goes away.

4. What is the one way that many have found to get people to volunteer?

You’re your stories…about the success God has given to your program; their great profession of faith. The difference this program has made in people’s lives. God uses these stories to move people to serve him.

5. I wish I had realized this along time ago…One of the best ways to get volunteers is right under my nose…the parents and friends of the students.

Imagine that, ask the students to invite their friends and family to come to a Bible class and then be prepared to ask them.

Bill had a lot more information to share, which is available in the recording, including resources that will serve your program well. It’s not only free, but freeing. The more volunteers you have, the more you are able share the load and share God’s Word.

To learn more about JCM and volunteers, contact us at 1-888-600-TLHA (8542) or info@tlha.org or contact one of our JCM team members.

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