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St. Michael’s Lutheran Home transitioning to assisted living

Posted on Fri, Jan 06, 2012

Belle Plaine, MN—The Lutheran Home Association (TLHA), based in Belle Plaine, Minnesota, will discontinue St. Michael’s Lutheran Home’s skilled nursing care services on March 31, 2012. On April 1, the facility will officially begin services as a Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF), more commonly referred to as assisted living.

Why this decision was made

TLHA’s Board of Directors made this decision for a number of reasons. Through careful analysis, TLHA discovered the need for assisted living services has increased while the demand for skilled nursing care has decreased, notably in this geographic area. There is also the strong desire of human nature to remain independent as long as possible. When individuals do need a health care setting, many prefer a home-like environment. Considering these factors, TLHA feels it can better serve the community with assisted living services.

What are some of the changes

All rooms will be converted to meet assisted living standards, while still offering a level of nursing services. Respite and hospice care services will continue to be available. There will be 24 licensed units available. TLHA anticipates that many of the residents may be able to continue living in the new assisted living services as much of their care needs may be met in this setting.

The new name for the assisted living services will be St. Michael’s Assisted Living.

There will be a change in management. Dean Dixon, the current administrator, will be retiring in 2012 after seven years with TLHA. Patti Stinson will become the administrator of St. Michael’s Assisted Living effective April 1. 

Ms. Stinson began her service as a licensed social worker at St. Michael’s Lutheran Home in 1994 and continued in that role until 2000. She also served as the administrator of The Lutheran Home: Cochrane, which provided assisted living services. Ms. Stinson has lived and worked in this part of Wisconsin for many years. She has an impressive career within health care and human services, focusing on helping others. Patti Stinson and Dean Dixon, along with team members at St. Michael’s Lutheran Home, will be working with our residents and their families/responsible parties during this transition process.

What remains the same

TLHA remains committed to its mission, “to provide for the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional needs of people entrusted to our care.” St. Michael’s Lutheran Home’s ordained chaplain will continue to lead worship services and Bible studies and will still be available for personal visits. TLHA invites and encourages clergy in the area to visit their members.

Over the past several months, TLHA invested in several improvement projects at St. Michael’s, which provide a more private and comfortable home-like setting. Since its founding by St. Michael’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in 1947, St. Michael’s Lutheran Home has offered a unique, warm and hospitable environment. This tradition will continue.  

Contact information for St. Michael’s, including the telephone number, will remain the same.

It is the intent of TLHA to continue the operations of this new service much as it has in the past, while complying with the state and federal mandates for this type of service.

Meeting on January 19

On Thursday, January 19, at 6:00 p.m., residents, family members and responsible parties for residents are invited to attend an important informational meeting with Mr. Tom LaDuke, a Relocation Ombudsman Specialist with the State of Wisconsin. This meeting will be held in the dining room at St. Michael’s Lutheran Home (270 North Street). Mr. LaDuke will provide information to assist residents, family members and responsible parties through this process. (Note: This meeting was originally scheduled to be held on January 12. Date was changed due to weather).

Another point of contact is the local Ombudsman, Cheri Bourget. Ms. Bourget may be reached at (715) 382-4559 or 1-800-815-0015. Written correspondence can be sent to her attention at 1402 Ponkratz Street, Madison, WI, 53704.

There will be people helping residents, their families and responsible parties throughout this transition.

“For many years Christian care has been provided through dedicated, loving staff. We sincerely thank all of the people who have worked on behalf of St. Michael’s Lutheran Home and our entire ministry. We thank you for the privilege of serving the people of this area. We look forward to providing quality, Christian care in this area through assisted living services,” states Michael Klatt, President and Chief Executive Officer of TLHA.  

Any questions regarding this transition may be directed to Dean Dixon, Administrator, and his team members at (608) 687-7721. Individuals also may contact Therese Kaletka, Vice President of Operations, or Michael Klatt, President and Chief Executive Officer, toll free at 1-888-600-8542.

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