Donation gives assisted living residents a sunny spot to sit

On a warm summer evening, breeze blowing and sun setting, Ross Hall likes to be outside. “I can sit out there with my own chair and enjoy the weather,” he said.

And he’s in good company at The Lutheran Home: Cedar Haven, which is just across the street from a baseball park in Mankato.

“Our residents love to sit outside and people watch, especially when the local amateur baseball team is playing a game,” said Administrator Elli Fuller. “But we don’t always have good seating. A gliding chair or bench makes the perfect spot with its gentle, easy motion, and we have had those on
our community wish list for some time.”

CH-furniture-Ross.jpgThe assisted living community had its wish granted, just in time for baseball season. Lorean Hall, Ross’ mother, is donating money to purchase two sets of outdoor chairs and benches for Cedar Haven. In the three years Ross has lived at Cedar Haven, his family has seen him make new friends, enjoy activities, and become part of a family. Lorean appreciates his home so much, she was inspired to make a gift.

“It’s so great for me as his mother, for his sister, for his friends and relatives, that he is in a place where he can be with these wonderful people,” Lorean said. “There’s no way to repay you for what you’ve given him and us. It seems like a small thing to give back.”

With the loss of one of his legs, Ross needed a home where he could get a little extra help. But his family also wanted him to be around friendly faces to buoy his outgoing personality.

“That was a big one. He likes to be with people, and putting him in an apartment would not be the thing to do,” Lorean said. “He needed to be in a place where the meals were fixed for him as well as taking care of his medications and all those things. He just needed someone kind of looking
over his shoulder making sure things were all right. And Cedar Haven really fit the requirements to a T.”

Before Ross even moved in, he knew several other residents from his time at physical and occupational therapy. His favorite thing about Cedar Haven is that “it’s friendly” and he can spend time on things he enjoys.

“I’m good at making coasters out of loops on a frame. I also like playing my PlayStation and my Wii system. And I also enjoy some of the community activities — Farkle for one, that’s the most
popular one here. And bowling,” Ross said. “Sometimes I go to Bible study.”

And if it’s nice, he’ll be outside. Lorean lives in Illinois, but has a property on Lake Jefferson in  Minnesota where she visits in the summer, stopping to see Ross as well. Though she’s far away, she rarely worries about her son.

“If you knew the peace of mind it gives us as a family to have him live at Cedar Haven, you would understand why I wanted to show my appreciation with a gift,” Lorean said.

Visit our "Resources" page to see a wish list for each of our communities and make a gift that will share hope with residents.