Reaching out to the special needs community with Vacation Bible School

Staying busy is no problem

Devotion: Praise the LORD

New partnerships benefit residents

Restructuring to Advance our Ministry

“Stepping Forward for Dementia” walk raises awareness

Team member nominated for ARRM Cares Award

Resident completes SOAR Program

A time for change

Good times at Hope!

Intern experience leads to full-time career for two recent college graduates

Caring for the “heart of our home”

Annual butterfly release is a success

Painting to support St. Michael’s

Recognizing our volunteers

Honoring our volunteers

In her Memory

Our Wellhaven family

Honoring our team members

Daily trivia at Wellhaven

Veteran flutist performs at Wellhaven

Travis Air Force Base Welcomes Jesus Cares Ministries (JCM) Program

Residents shine in Special Olympics Swim Meet

New technology supports Hope team members

Celebrating Valentine's Day

Honoring our volunteers

Sharing their time

Enjoying the weather

Blessed Be The Memory: Longtime resident called to Heaven

Truly at peace with God

Feeling like home at Heritage Homes

Celebrating Mardi Gras

Meet the Team:  Michaela Zeller

Grateful for our friends

Ensuring a “Grace-Full Passing” at St. Michael’s

Memory Cafe program finds a new home

Always learning at Wellhaven

Forgive as the Lord forgave you

Safe and Secure

Ensuring a “Grace-Full Passing” at Wellhaven

Connecting with Wellhaven veterans

Retiring close to family in New Ulm

Traveling worry free

A Scholarship for Caregivers in Memory of a Daughter

Kingsway welcomes new Director of Nursing

Resident Veterans honored by local chapter of Disabled American Veterans

Working in a Christian atmosphere

Celebrating the colors of Christmas

Staying warm at Hope

Hearing God’s word on a daily basis

Doing Good and Drinking Coffee

Construction Begins on Newest TLHA Managed Care Community

Finding New Ways to Share Jesus in Africa

Thirteen Individuals Baptized at Jesus Cares Ministries Program

Lilies Provide a Piece of Heaven on Earth

Leaving a legacy that cares for others

Celebrating 120 Years Inspired by Hope gala

Spreading the Gospel

Bingo Lingo

A note from the St. Michael’s administrator

Giving back

Decorating for Christmas

Doing what I can

Volunteer to make a difference

An opportunity of a lifetime

Busy time at Wellhaven!

Devotion: Finding peace

Meet the Team: Kelley

Beginning to celebrate Christmas

Honoring and remembering friends & family

Jesus will wake us up and welcome us into heaven

Building relationship with therapy dogs

Navy and Air Force band veteran resides at Wellhaven

One life forever changed

“His mercy endures forever"

A night out on the town

New leadership on campus

Saluting our veterans

Hope Residence provides ‘best experience’

Experiencing the “Great Minnesota Get Together”

Special Olympics: Residents compete in bocce

Pumpkin picking fun!

Veteran uses GI bill to find career

Army veteran finds home in River Falls

Navy veteran takes life easy at Wellhaven Senior Living

Army veteran finds career in finance field

Air Force Flight Instructor and Pilot Calls Belle Plaine Home

Army Truck Driver Finds Home in Belle Plaine

Resident Life at St. Michael’s

Celebrating assisted living

Bringing the heat: Annual BBQ Chicken Cook-Off is successful

A time for change

Meet the team: Brandon Saumer

A trip to the farm

Free blood pressure clinic available

Honoring an important milestone

Celebrating our seniors

Army Veteran and Local Teacher Continue to Educate Others in Woodworking Classes

Music Makes an Army Veteran Dance

Army Veteran Retires at Kingsway Retirement Living

Military Para-Jumper Learned a Lesson about Respect

A Taste of Italy

Kingsway Scholarship awarded

Belle Plaine resident veterans soar the skies

Hope team members honored

Resident activities at Hope

Hope residents enjoy fishing on Cedar Lake

BBQ Days fun in Belle Plaine!

Taking time to celebrate

Celebrating the JCM Program with a Summer Picnic

Veteran Returns to River Falls to Be Close to Family

Veteran Band Member Still Playing a Trombone

College Degree Made Possible Through the Military

Heritage Homes Resident Serves His Country and Team

Honoring Wellhaven team members

Mother’s & Father’s Day celebrations at Wellhaven

Staying busy at Wellhaven is no problem

Wellhaven tenant donates homemade hats

Be sure of eternal life

Honoring our team members

Special delivery to St. Michael's residents

Recognizing St. Michael's volunteers

Resident Life at St. Michael's Assisted Living

Annual St. Michael's butterfly release supports kitchen renovation project

Students participate in “Lemonade Wars” to benefit JCM

Hope residents compete in Special Olympics

Hope team member updates

New program focuses on team member training

Life at Hope!

Honoring Hope volunteers

Recognizing our volunteers

Dementia Friends Training

Easy access to rehab while living at KingsPath Senior Living

Doing Something Different: Army Opportunity Opens Doors

Caring for Others: Kingsway Aide Finds Fulfillment

Ensuring His Future: Team Member Joins Military at Young Age

Navy Veteran Calls Wellhaven Home

Two homes in one senior community

Marine Corps veteran joins team at Kingsway

Experience the world: Army veteran resides at The Lutheran Home

Location, location, location: Considering the JCM class site

St. Michael’s resident honored for military service

Life lessons learned through military service

Sharing Jesus with those with special needs

Donated ice cream machine provides tasty treats for all

An impact greater than one gift

Blessed Be Her Memory

Q & A: Living within our faith

Bringing God’s Word to our residents’ front door

JCM program celebrates 10-year anniversary

Respect for life

A change in routine: Webinar focused on seniors and technology

Reminiscing through the holidays

Wellhaven veteran experiences once in a lifetime trip

A token of appreciation: Kingsway veteran receives Quilt of Valor

JCM Participant Confirmed in Christian Faith

How Does a 119-year-old Organization Observe the 500th Anniversary of Lutheranism?

Robotic Pets Provide Comfort for Memory Care Residents

Chaplains Provide a Church Home for Residents

Resident Supports Renovations at Wellhaven Senior Living

Cedar Haven overnight shift leader shows compassion

Spreading the music: New Cedar Haven Activity Coordinator shares her music

Colored worksheets benefit JCM bible study

Working where your heart is

Taking the time to greet everyone at St. Michael's

St. Michael’s cook off results are in!

Lori, working to keep everyone happy

Wellhaven tenants resume School Volunteer Project

Wellhaven senior picnic draws crowd

Hope residents thrive at camp

Hope residents spend summer morning on the lake

Teamwork: Four generations of family employed at The Lutheran Home

Bride’s grandma watches wedding live

Special needs residents enjoy their very own “Night to Shine”

A gift for the grandma who has everything

Faithful volunteers revive Jesus Cares Ministries program

Neighbors are nicest at Heritage Homes

Chaplaincy student shares residents joys and disappointments

Two more voices join the choir

JCM makes connections from Malawi to Minnesota

Memory care murals capture a loved one's life story

Never far from the love of a friend at The Lutheran Home

Nursing student helps neighbors at Cedar Haven

A change of heart for JCM participant

At Hope Residence, residents become family

Caring around the clock

Hope Residence nominates two for statewide ARRM award

‘One big happy memory’ — 25 Years of JCM

Seven years and one new congregation later, still volunteering

Donation gives assisted living residents a sunny spot to sit

Recalling life's many adventures in memory care close to home

A special education to fulfill June's long-held wish

For the love of the game, and New Friends

Senior living community a godsend for this team member

‘Renaissance woman’ residing at St. Michael’s

Bell sounds God’s saving love for all abilities

Serving seniors: “I really enjoy it”

Texas vacation is once-in-a-lifetime trip for Hope residents

Nurse from The Lutheran Home: Belle Plaine goes to camp

Russian is the language of love for senior at Cedar Haven

From an island in the Caribbean to New Friends in Wisconsin

God answers prayer, even from an Easter egg hunt

Local art reawakens the past for Cedar Haven residents

Dennis appreciates seniors for their stories, jokes, smiles

Carol gets residents talking at St. Michael’s Assisted Living

It’s Never 2 Late: Technology enhances life for all ages, abilities

You can’t do it alone: You need Jesus

Hope Residence: A long journey home

Bringing God’s Word to resident’s front door through chaplaincy

“Just something about it” for employee turned resident

Even when life is hard, there is beautiful music

Spelling out God's love, one letter at a time

Special needs, special situation, a very special solution

A day away from the ordinary for residents living with dementia

Chaplains enrich daily life at senior living with God's love

Taking stock of blessings

Brenda Peterson is nominee for 2016 ARRM Cares Award

Joyce Koepp is nominee for 2016 ARRM Cares Award

Notes from New Friends reach Blattler boys at boot camp

River Falls hosts a dementia-friendly primer in three acts

Home away from home at Hope Residence

Care of the soul inspires a grateful heart

Relaxing at the lake with New Friends

Bird by Bird: St. Michael’s resident embroiders 50 state birds

Veteran served stateside during WWII in Military Police

Hall-of-famer is resident at Heritage Homes

A week in honor of those who look after residents’ every need

Sarah Beckius retires after 35-year career with TLHA

Keep the change: A unique gift

Residents celebrate summer in River Falls

JCM consultant spends time cheering and volunteering at Special Olympics

Jesus Shines his Light at Joy in Jesus Camps

TLHA and the UofM School of Nursing Study the Impact of Health Monitoring Technology

Following the Music

Wedding Bells at The Lutheran Home: Belle Plaine

Using Art Therapy to Make Memories

After Serious Crash, Klatt Recovering at a Place Like Home

An ongoing mission: sharing the word of God in Malawi

Turning Their Lives into a Lasting Legacy

Celebrating Abilities, Not Disabilities

A Walk for Friendship

TLHA Honors Two Chaplains Celebrating Ministry Anniversaries

Sharing the Watermelon Wealth

Receiving the Lord’s Supper for the First Time

Dominic Sorce sings “O Solo Mio”

Giving Has No Age Requirement

Sharing the Gospel in Malawi, Africa

A Child of God & Life-Changing Decision