Cedar Haven overnight shift leader shows compassion

It’s 10 p.m., and most people are getting ready for bed, but not Mary Sims. For the past two years, Mary has worked the overnight shift as a Resident Assistant at Cedar Haven.

Mary Sims.jpg

As a leader during the overnight shift, Mary shows kindness and commitment to the role.

“She has a true heart for our  residents and team members. She leads with a quiet strength of character and compassion. We are blessed to have her,” said Elli Fuller, Administrator at Cedar Haven.

Even though most of the residents are sleeping during her shift, Mary has several responsibilities to complete throughout the night.  She passes medications during the entire shift and often organizes and prepares items for morning team members.

“We are responsible for cleaning and preparing items that will be used in the morning to serve breakfast and lunch,” Mary said.

To prepare for the shift, Mary often takes naps during the day time hours.

“Overnights are hard for your body because you have to sleep during the day and stay up all night. Anything can happen with the residents and you have to be ready for it,” Mary explained.