Celebrating 120 Years Inspired by Hope gala

To honor its 120 years of caring for souls, The Lutheran Home Association hosted the “Inspire with Hope” gala at the Milwaukee County War Memorial Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Friday, November 2. The gala honored the ministry’s military and Christian heritages.

IMG_6529The words Inspire with Hope drove TLHA onto a path of Christian leadership as we share hope, provide hope, and inspire everlasting hope for an eternal life with God. Ministry friends, donors, residents, volunteers, and team members gathered to show support for TLHA’s mission.

The gala included bestowing the Inspiration of Hope Award for 2018 on General Stanley McChrystal, who embodies the definition and purpose of inspiration. The 2018 recipient was also the special guest speaker at this event.

“We were honored to award General McChrystal the Inspiration of Hope award. His proven leadership is an inspiration to all,” said Michael Klatt, TLHA’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “We can all learn from McChrystal’s achievements and our Inspire with Hope gala allowed individuals to hear his impactful message.”

During the event, General McChrystal spoke about numerous aspects of leadership and the importance of TLHA’s work. He was asked to share about his feelings toward caregiving and caregivers. In response, the general stated, “I view and believe caregiving is a sacred act.” He went on to explain he is often questioned why a deceased soldier is never abandoned on the battlefield.

Beyond the recovery of fallen soldiers being the right thing to do, he said, “It reminds every soldier that if he or she is hurt or killed, we will not leave anyone behind. We will care for all of them.” According to General McChrystal, caregiving is a profound act of servant leadership.

glenOn November 6, TLHA continued to celebrate the 120 years since das Alten und Waisenheim—the Aged and Orphans’ Home opened in Belle Plaine with Sophie Boessling as a resident. She had saved the government’s death benefits that she received after her son Ernst died in service to his country during the Civil War. Wanting to provide a home for others like herself, she donated this money and her family’s farmland to build the original Lutheran Home. Now more than a century later, Sophie’s gift continues to benefit countless lives.

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