Ensuring a “Grace-Full Passing” at St. Michael’s

Picture136263271-1At St. Michael’s Assisted Living, our residents benefit from access to an ordained pastor who serves as chaplain for the care community. Chaplain Kenley Mann offers Bible studies, worship services, devotions and personal visits.

He has recently developed and is implementing a new program, “Grace-Full Passing,” at St. Michael’s. This program is for residents who are on hospice or close to being called home to Heaven.

“We can share God’s grace, His word and hymns. The program allows those at the end of life while gathered with family, friends and our team members to be hearing God's word,” explained Pastor Mann.

The program includes hymns to be sung, Bible passages to look up and devotions for different situations.

“It’s recommended the devotions are read aloud so everyone can listen and participate,” said Pastor Mann. “When one is close to the end of life, there are often several questions. We want to be able to answer them and reassure a future in Heaven.”

The program is set up to be used by anyone including St. Michael’s team members or family and friends, if the Chaplain is unavailable.

“The Chaplain is not a bottleneck that limits the times that God's word is shared with tenants at end of life.  These materials are to share God's life-giving word with residents especially at times when the Chaplain is not there,” said Pastor Mann.

Sharing God’s Word and providing Christ-centered care is at the heart of what we do. St. Michael’s Chaplaincy program relies on generous donors. Give today at tlha.org/donate.