How Does a 119-year-old Organization Observe the 500th Anniversary of Lutheranism?

Around the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, The Lutheran Home Association will celebrate its 119th birthday.

TLHA_Vert_4c_300dpi.jpgWhat sort of tie is there between those two events?
There is much TLHA can do to celebrate 500 years of having the pure Gospel of Jesus to share with those whom we serve. Here are just a few ways we can celebrate both events in a meaningful way.

Realize we have been blessed with something tremendously wonderful. When you have been around for a long time or something occurred a long time ago there is a very real temptation to take things for granted. It is no small thing to have the soothing Gospel message available for our comfort for 500 years. We are all well aware that at the very core of TLHA is “the care of the soul is the soul of care.” Every moment of every day the comfort of the Gospel is at work in every corner of our ministry, from the conversation between a chaplain and a resident to the sharing of the simple Gospel message in a Jesus Cares Bible lesson at one of the nearly 160 Jesus Cares Ministries (JCM) locations.

Recognize God’s hand in the things that have happened. It would be easy to look at the events that have happened in the last 500 years of the Lutheran church and 119 years in TLHA and simply exclaim “That’s really cool.” Such a comment would be completely missing the realization of God’s hand in guiding and directing the things that have happened. Martin Luther and Sophie Boessling were both God’s chosen instruments, just as each of us is a tool in the hand of God. As you look back at these two intersecting histories, stop for a moment and look at how God has always caused things to happen in the way that best served the cause of the Gospel from Wittenberg, Germany, to Belle Plaine, MN, to Malawi, Africa.

Rejuvenate ourselves and our work. It is important for us to realize and recognize, but even more important is to use these events to rejuvenate ourselves and our work to keep caring for the soul. The strength and motivation to do this comes from the very same Gospel that has been shared for 500 years and continues to be shared in our communities and throughout JCM programs.
That strength and motivation of the Gospel is one of the many things which sets our ministry apart from many other organizations that work in the same fields we do. If you look back 119 and 500 years you will see challenges and blessings, but most of all, you will see the power of the Gospel at work in the lives of God’s people by the grace of God! May that same power of the Gospel bless us and sustain us as we continue to press on in service to God and those He gives us the privilege of serving.