Our Wellhaven family

residents signing cardsThe following is a message shared by Laura Swanson, Wellhaven Activities Coordinator & Marketing Assistant.

Being a team member at Wellhaven Senior Living allows me to see the best in people. Today, I watched as a tenant left a red rose with a thank you note on a fellow tenant's lunch table. It was his way of saying "thank you." Earlier in the week, she had folded the laundry he accidentally left in the dryer.

Last week, I observed as one tenant went out of her way to ensure new tenants to the care community were involved with different social activities. She made sure everyone feels welcome.

Another tenant purchased a card for everyone to sign to share with tenants who weren’t feeling the best. These simple acts of kindness are only a few examples of how caring Wellhaven tenants are of one another. In many ways, it feels like one big family.

It's not just the people who call Wellhaven home. I have observed team members and volunteers take the time to go the extra mile. Wellhaven Senior Living is "where the care of the soul is the soul of care." It has been a blessing for me to work in such a loving and caring environment.

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