Safe and Secure

1entt_woiTLDWznGqXJber0x-M7iMTexUNot only does Wellhaven Senior Living provide it’s tenants with a busy schedule of activities,  team members work to ensure everyone’s safety.

With advancing technology, the systems used at Wellhaven are becoming more and more advanced. Wellhaven tenants have two options:  the eNeighbor system and TransAlarm.

The eNeighbor system uses the Internet to connects the system sensors and devices. Tenants are given a pendant to wear. When the button on the pendant is pressed, a caregiver receives a call.

"The call will report to the caregiver the name of the owner of the pendant and their last known location," explained Wellhaven Senior Living Manager, Beth Ann Schultz, LPN. "It is very easy to use for both team members and tenants."

Tenants also have the option of having eNeighbor sensors in their apartments. The sensors track the tenant and alert caregivers to abnormal behavior or inactivity. Both systems work together to ensure the safety of Wellhaven tenants are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In common areas, there are pull alarms which work to alert team members if help is needed. This is beneficial for when guests or senior center members need assistance.

Wellhaven Senior Living is a vibrant community with spirited residents and staff. See for yourself! For more information or to schedule a tour, call (715) 426-4646 or email