Spreading the Gospel

Just like the average person, Brenda brings in the mail every day. She tosses some directly into the trash, sets aside the bills and saves cards from family and friends. Each month, she looks forward to receiving one important envelope.

hubert-chaland-301204-unsplashBefore Brenda’s husband passed away, he had set up an annuity with the couple’s insurance agent. With the advice of her tax planner and accountant, Brenda recently annuitized the fund. The annuity will provide Brenda will a check every month for the next 10 years.

“He suggested that I begin using it now because several organizations could benefit from receiving the money today,” she explained.

After depositing the check, Brenda sits down to share with several organizations, as well as her family. The Lutheran Home Association (TLHA) is blessed to be on Brenda’s list. Brenda learned of TLHA through one of Pastor Curt Seefeldt’s “It's Alzheimer's--It's Time for Extraordinary Love” presentations at her local church.

“I like the care residents in Memory Care receive at The Lutheran Home in Belle Plaine,” Brenda said.

When annuitizing the fund was first suggested, Brenda wasn’t hesitant to begin using the money.

“I thought it was a good idea and enjoy giving with a warm hand,” she explained, “I think my husband would be happy with the choices I’ve made. With his help, we are continuing to spread the Gospel.”

Change the world for seniors in our care people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by sharing Jesus with them through an annuity. To learn gift strategies, contact TLHA’s office of mission advancement at (952) 873-4746.

*Names have been altered at the request of the donor.