Donation gives assisted living residents a sunny spot to sit

On a warm summer evening, breeze blowing and sun setting, Ross Hall likes to be outside. “I can sit out there with my own chair and enjoy the weather,” he said.

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Taking stock of blessings

Born into the German baking dynasty that founded Winona’s Mahlke Baking Co. in 1895, Dean Mahlke
was legally blind from a young age. Vision problems dogged him at school and everywhere.

“I shouldn’t even be here. I should have been hit by a truck,” he said.

But it would be a bus, not a truck, that played a large role in his life.

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Care of the soul inspires a grateful heart

A simple “thank you” would not suffice. Robert Schmitz felt the staff who had watched over his mother, Elaine, night and day needed a gift to let them know their work, done with such compassion, had touched his heart.

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Keep the change: A unique gift

Typically, donations end in zeros. Round numbers make for simple accounting and look tidy on the page, which makes it easy to see amounts like $43.27 or $16.69, donations Tim and Katie Patoka made to The Lutheran Home Association this year.

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Turning Their Lives into a Lasting Legacy

Working on the farm from sun up to sun down was how Harold and Lorraine Olson lived their life together, and they loved every day of it.

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Giving Has No Age Requirement

Erna is a 105-year-old woman passionate about giving to multiple organizations. First and fourth grade sisters, Brooklyn and Matthea, both give when and where they can. Lindsey is a compassionate college student who knows the true meaning of giving. Becky and Randy’s children and grandchildren truly have an example to live by. 

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