Truly at peace with God

“Are you the one that talks and sings in the morning?”

elderly hands with Bible Ministry on web-6With just that one question, Pastor Ed could tell he was making a difference.

“Peter’s room was just around the corner from the dining room. Each morning, he would overhear and listen to my devotions,” explained Pastor Ed, Chaplain at The Lutheran Home: Belle Plaine.

When he first arrived at The Lutheran Home, Peter was considered to be on hospice. 

“Within a week, he was starting to feel better and I started to visit with him,” said Pastor Ed, “Peter shared he had walked away from the church when he was 12 years old and had never looked back.”

Pastor Ed continued to make visits to share devotions on a one-on-one basis for around six months.

“Peter asked, ‘Do you think God can forgive me?’ and I described how God had already forgiven him,” explained Pastor Ed.

Before he was called home to heaven, Peter truly began to feel at peace. 

“There’s no question, I believe the Lord sent Peter to be here for his physical and spiritual welfare. The last day we visited together, there was no question that he felt joy from finally being at peace with God,” said Pastor Ed.

The changes were something noticed by several of Peter’s caregivers and team members within the care community.

“Something changed inside of Peter,” explained Emily Bullert, Therapeutic Recreation Director. “We could see how the time he spent with Pastor Ed was having a positive effect on his life as a whole.”

Every day, TLHA chaplains share the good news of Jesus with our residents. Last year, our chaplains averaged 1,265 visits with residents each month. TLHA’s chaplaincy program relies on generous donors. Give today at

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our residents.